How to Get It Done

Dear coaches,

I have been using the workbook, How To Get It Done, and I would like some help with the feelings that keep me from not getting it done.

The circumstance is that I need to design two 15-week long courses to teach in a blended format, so some students will be in person, others virtual. I have access to new apps, programs, and strategies, but the thing I need to get done is finalize the general outline for the program (the syllabus) so I can post it by Wednesday.

C: the syllabus
T: I’m not making any headway
F: Overwhelmed
A: try out programs I have never used before to edit videos, watch how-to videos, post readings, post readings but not design assignments, search for images, look for technologies (e.g., cameras, microphones) as a buffer, read news about the problems of being in enclosed spaces while talking, listen to colleagues who share their fears/anxieties, read articles about teaching in hybrid/hyflex/concurrent/whatever ways
R: I don’t get it done

I recognize how I am reverting back to habitual thought patterns–it isn’t enough, it isn’t good enough, it needs to be better, etc. And I know I would be better served by thoughts like “it’s good enough, B- work is fine, you’re showing up and that’s enough”

Where I struggle though is at the feeling line. The How to Get it Done workbook suggests that we start with how we want or need to feel to get it done, and then write down a thought that will support that feeling. The feelings I come up with are “satisfied, content,” but those feelings seem so unobtainable right now. I’m anxious and overwhelmed. How can I get it done by allowing those feelings of inadequacy to be there yet not stop me from just wrapping it up and posting the syllabus?