How to Get It Done Daily Work

So I feel kind of silly asking this but, in doing the daily homework in how to get it done, I set a goal of getting up at 5am and working out each day and sticking to meal prepping. So far, I have been CRUSHING it and feeling better than I’ve ever felt. I’m so happy with how it’s going so far! I’ve realized in doing the daily thought downloads in the homework the first few days I was having some negative thought regarding the task, but as the days have gone on i’m feeling great! I actually don’t really have a negative thought (regarding this) since I’m truly sticking to my plan and showing up for myself in a way I never have before. My question is — I feel the need to almost find a negative thought about it since I have to do an unintentional model on a thought that’s not serving me. But I am finding that I feel like my thoughts regarding my goal are pretty positive! Should I be trying to dig deeper? I almost feel like something is missing because it’s almost been too easy to implement since I’m so excited about keeping a promise to myself!