How to get over intense irrational jealousy/comparing

Dear Brooke,
I am new to coaching scholars and at the top of my list of what I want to accomplish is to let go of jealousy. I have a totally irrational, embarrassingly time-consuming thought pattern about this woman that I have forced interaction with because her husband is friends with my bf. I know every human is fallible but her exterior is so convincing: a gwenyth Paltrow type, rich, Ivy league educated (advanced degree), beautiful, speaks several languages, impeccable style, had a kid without gaining an ounce, very “well-behaved” blahblahblah. Just to be clear: the jealousy has NOTHING to do with the men.
My thoughts about her are about how I measure up to her even though I know it is totally irrational and it has NOTHING to do with her, and EVERYTHING to do with ME, BUT, I cannot find a convincing thought pattern to stop obsessing and comparing. Here is what I have so far:

C: This woman exists
T: She is better than I am
F: I am not good enough
A: I obsess about her mentally and act cold towards her and feel badly about my own accomplishments

I am so sick this, please help!