How to get the most out of my weekly private coaching

Today, I had my 4th coaching call. I’ve learned and grown so much already from this program. I know it’s changing my life. Today and the past few days I’ve had thoughts like “This isn’t worth it”, “I could save money by not being here”, “This is all so simple”, etc. I want to be in this program and I want to better control my thoughts. Those thoughts aren’t serving me, I know that. Today, after my coaching call, I thought, “That wasn’t actually that helpful. What do I do with this information?” I honestly felt worse after the call because now I know why I do this thing I don’t like doing, but I don’t know how to fix it. How do you recommend I get the most out of my weekly calls? Am I bringing models I can’t work through on my own? Should I just bring an issue I’m having and get help with plugging it into a model?