How to handle negative thinking chatter in group situation? Speak up or keep quiet?

This is related to the COVID-19 situation, but can be extrapolated to any negative situation.
C: Moms coffee, 8-10 people, on Zoom (or in person) and they are all bitching about current situation. Right now, COVID-19. (One or two strong personalities taking over.) Doomsdaying and being very negative. Schools not doing enough, we can’t go back this year too dangerous, etc. Shutting down anyone who brings up an alternative idea that we’ll be back to normal soon enough.
T: These moms are being ridiculous and I feel sorry for their kids and I want to get off of this call.
F: Annoyed.
A: I say nothing and just observe… I did point out a few good things – my son had a great Zoom call with football team for fall; he is speaking to his friends over Facetime and video games, staying connected.
Is there a better course of action here? Any point to speaking up to strong personalities who will most surely just disagree with me and potentially start an argument?

Thanks, I’m new to this!