How to handle non-main focus for April and beyond?

I’m new to SCS this month, and loving it. Thank you for this excellent program. It’s already making a difference for me.

I understand the concept of picking a goal with one main focus for April, and have completed the homework for that. My goal is that I am writing a historical fiction novel, with a working title that I abbreviate as GISA. I finished the first draft for GISA in December, and now I’m working on the second and third drafts. I have a plan for GISA for 2018 that I created with a writing mentor/editor–the plan is to pitch the book to agents and editors at a conference in NYC in early December 2018. So far, I’ve only created a detailed plan for GISA for April, in my SCS book for April. But I’m guessing I need to continue making such a detailed plan for GISA after April too, to reach my December goal. Right? How and where do you recommend that people record this level of planning detail after April?

But my main question is this: how do I handle other goals that are not my main focus? For example, I have a goal to sort out my computer’s file structure for materials I use regularly in my business, because I have to spend too long finding them. I know my plan. But I’m not sure how to pay attention to that plan this year without sucking the energy from my novel. And there are other smaller goals (less time consuming than GISA, but still may take weeks or months) I want and need to work on for my business. How do I plan for those smaller goals within the SCS framework?

Here’s my thank you haiku for you!
Feeling alignment
Excited to start scholars
Your coaching skills rock!