How to handle the news/infos about „negative“ circumstances

Hey there and thanks for your work.
I am coaching myself a lot this month. One thing comes up again and again: when I hear/read the news or read about things like how our clothes are being made or where our food comes from, or how animals are kept only for us humans to enjoy them as food – I get into a very bad place of hopelessness. I try to remember that these are circumstances that I am interpreting as negative with my thinking. I know that. But still children are making clothes under horrible conditions and so on. When I go to „that’s part of the 50/50 in life“ I can get to a place of being the watcher, that it is part of the negative. But if everyone did that, nothing would ever change, since everyone would just say „that’s part of life“. If I am at a place in my life, where I can not afford local bio-food and also not the Fairtrade clothes, does it mean I have to eat only potatoes and buy second hand to avoid supporting stuff I am not willing to be part of? (I know this cannot be the answer) or does it mean I have to change my thinking and feeling to a place where it doesn’t matter to me as much? But then I get angry at myself for just accepting it as a circumstance instead of being part of a crowd that works to change those kind of things (like Greenpeace). I am still very much in a depressed mode, with your coaching and selfcoaching it’s getting better everyday and I feel the label of depression onto my life is almost rubbed off finally. Because of that I know it wouldn’t be the right thing for me to apply at a group like Greenpeace in an effort to change the world (and that’s not what brookes work is about. Changing the C doesn’t help, I know). Everytime I try to think about my hard why I get back to: I need to help the suffering people out there. Whether it’s through writing a book, being a coach, becoming a doctor…. every possibility I can think of as a career for me is only with the goal of helping. But out of a place of hopelessness.
So as you see I have two questions:
1) how do I coach myself on those kind of infos that are in fact not good for people (like child-workers manufacturing my clothes)
2) how can I come to a place of finding a hard why without it being „I need to help people“ rather more like „I can just paint/write novels because that’s what I like to do. Even if it doesn’t help anyone make their life better“.
I am sorry for this novel