How to hold space in a conversation for a different truth


I just noticed I felt panic when hearing someone on Instagram talking about a discovery she had reading through a study that self-confidence is something that does not depend on you but on the society. I started a thought download because I could feel I was starting to panic and wanting to understand why.

I realized that what makes me feel panic is that I think she thinks something different than me about what creates self-confidence, so maybe I do not know the truth. That is quite confusing for me as I am going through CCP right, learning that confidence in an emotion you create with your thoughts, and that has nothing to do with external circumstances.

My question is: why is it that uncomfortable for me to hear a different point of view about something I am learning? How can I still hold space in a conversation with someone who doesn’t share the same point of view without making it mean I’m all wrong?

Thank you!