How to incorporate working on our goal into an already full life?

I am a practicing physician who will be taking on more work in 2019, which will good for both my professional (and personal) development as well as necessary for my bank account. I was extremely tempted to make my 2019 goal be related to efficiency and success at my job, which would be measured by income per time spent. However, with self-reflection I realized this is ultimately just a way to hope for “happiness” at my job, which is not guaranteed by those metrics.

Therefore, I have chosen my true impossible goal for the year, which is to enter MD-blogosphere space which has grown quite rapidly over the last few years. I think I have a unique niche and interesting perspective, and I am confident my site’s message will have value for many people. I am extremely, tremendously, and extraordinarily excited to make this vision into a reality.

However, the issue I am running into when completing this month’s homework is how to incorporate my lofty vision into the realities and logistics of my life. I have two small children, a husband, and bills to pay. I anticipate the answer for many of the “but how do I get x done” issues will be to outsource it (which I will address in future thought work). I will have to optimize efficiency in my clinical role through implementation of new processes and an significant amount of through work to address my habitual anxiety. I will need to strengthen my bond with my husband and children so that my work on my website does not engender resentment and discord. How will the thought work needed to optimize these household/employment/family tasks not drown out the work needed to progress in my impossible goal?

Can you give me an idea for some of the 25 “fails” that address both my impossible goal and the logistics of making space for it?

Thanks! I’m so excited for my first month of scholars. I’ve been an avid consumer of your podcast for 2 years, but never a participant. Here we go!