How to Judge a Protocol with Exceptions

Hi there! I’m LOVING all the material. The overeating stuff is unbelievable. Not to mention the mental space it has freed up. Thank you!!!!

My question is about how to evaluate a protocol effectiveness that includes a planned exception.

I understand that our aim is to be on a protocol for a minimum of 2 weeks to evaluate if it needs to be tweaked.

And also, if we are going to make an exception, to plan that in.

Here’s the question – How do I evaluate if a protocol is working or not if I’ve also included an exception in that 2-week window? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being perfectly scientific about the protocol?

Knowing that fat loss can be so slow, and that Brooke says even losing 1 lb over 2 weeks is considered successful, I feel like an exception could easily eclipse a 1lb loss…

Thanks so much!