How to Juggle Work and Motherhood

I am a physician and a mom and I have millions of things on my plate everyday to do. I want to make my life more meaningful by focusing on things that when I look back I feel I did all of it. I am unable to go through the day prioritizing things as I am unable to tell when to do what. I feel like I am pulled in different directions all the time and ultimately just feel anxious with out enjoying the process.

I end my day everyday just feeling like ok I got through but not really knowing if I did my best. I want to add journaling daily to my schedule but I don’t seem to find time to do so. when I have time, mentally I am checked out and feel like I just need to rest and watch YouTube or random videos, social media.

I like being a doctor and helping people but also I love being a mom. Both duties don’t seem to always go hand in hand
please help me figure out how can I make my day more organized and more satisfactory.