How to just “Be.”

I’m realizing that I need to learn how to just “be.”

I spend many hours of the day “doing.”  It’s as if once I’m in “motion” I tend to stay in motion.

I think it’s just a habit that I feel like I always have to be “doing” something. Even if I’m just sitting on the couch, I feel like a fish out of water and will reach for the phone to scroll, check email, or read the news. Which, after the fact feels like a total waste of time.

I whipped up this model:

C: I have a moment of free time
T: I better take advantage of this (lack/scarcity), but I’m not sure how to use it so I default to being entertained by my phone.
F: Like I wasted my precious moment of free time.
A: Begrudgingly go about the rest of my day, unreplenished.
R: Realize I may need to make a conscious list of things I’d enjoy “doing” during my free time.

I seem to default into “doing” – like, I’m looking for something to fill the free time space.

Your thoughts, ideas and feedback are so appreciated. Thank you.