How to know if you are committed

I just attended a monthly meeting with an entrepreneur and her team. She had a business goal over the past few months that hadn’t been met. She said had attended a webinar and that the topic was around being committed. The question she asked the team was, how do you know if you are committed?

Half the team said by the actions you continue to take and the other half said by the results you get.

She said she had originally believed it was based on the actions you take but that this well respected and successful leader of the webinar she attended said it was based on the results you get. If you don’t have the results, you aren’t committed.

As the CEO of her company, this left her rethinking everything. She said she’s realizing she might not be the best person to run the company since it doesn’t seem like she’s committed since she hasn’t gotten the result she was aiming for. She has physically and mentally burned herself out trying to get the results she’s been aiming for and is hurting financially. She was working 100 hour weeks trying to reach her goal and now she’s rethinking her role as CEO.

From an SCS point of view, what would you say to this entrepreneur? Is the concept of massive action appropriate here? Or is it going back to the compelling reason why the goal was set in the first place?