How to let go of hatred

I’ve been in this space of absolutely hating this coworker who reported me 3 times to administration, twisted my words and intentions around falsifying what really happened , seemingly trying to get me in trouble ruin my reputation and maybe get me fired. I can’t stand her. I’ve spent the past year and 1/2 avoiding her and literally haven’t spoken one word to her because I’ve been so mad I was afraid I would go ballistic on her. I’ve probably driven everyone else crazy by my griping and complaining. No one really likes her. I even ended up quitting my job to get away from her which turned out to be a good thing overall. Actually everyone left except her. I know I have to let go of this anger and hatred in order to move on with my life. I just am having the hardest time even wanting to let it go. I’m really needing some help with this. I’ve tried doing some models but it just doesn’t seem to help.