How to love my job while I transition to certification and coaching

I truly do LOVE teaching. I love my students, I love my colleagues, I love my school. I am a proud veteran teacher, 25+ years in. It’s a dynamic, creative, active job that is inspiring and gives me a chance to serve daily. I have a great salary, benefits, etc. There are infinite upsides.
However, there are aspects of my job, I really don’t enjoy, including my commute, late meetings, late day classes, overcrowding, building assignments, bureaucratic mandates that don’t help the students, a culture of complaining, that I have not engaged with since March. And I haven’t missed them at all.

In fact, I LOVE working from home. I love distance learning. I love the life I have been able to create for myself and the space and pace it’s given me.

I have this belief that it’s because of this time at home, that I’ve been able to regain my relationship with my daughter, achieve food and body freedom, and part of me is fearing the return to these parts of my job and how they used to impact my stress, my sleep, my relationship with my daughter, my general mood, AND my weight.

So that’s one issue swirling in my brain.

The other is that I want to fall in love with even those parts of my job I listed above, because I will be there until 2026 and I want to LOVE my way through the end of that part of my career as I get certified and become a life coach.

While working full time at one job, and becoming a coach, starting your business, how can I think about my full time job until I can fully leave it?
I start certification in January and I’m so excited and cannot wait to become a life coach. I also want to LOVE teaching until I retire fully.