How to love what is.

I’ve often heard Brooke say that you should learn to be happy in the job, marriage etc. that you currently are unhappy in before you decide whether to change the circumstance, but I do not understand how this is supposed to happen. Are there specific podcast episodes that speak to this?

For example, if I am unhappy in a marriage because I no longer trust my husband nor am I physically attracted to him, how do I change that? Or if I hate my car because it is an ugly color and is not a convertible how do I change those thoughts? I realize they are thoughts – it’s my opinion that my husband is untrustworthy (though I have a LOT of proof) and unattractive, that my car is an ugly color, and that I prefer a convertible – but they are darn close to facts. I’d like to stop hating on both my husband and my car