How to make myself more willing to feel negative emotions?

I feel like there is probably a simple answer to this and you probably know it (lol).

I KNOW that negative emotion is not the enemy and if I’m willing to feel discomfort, I can do anything. When I’m thinking straight, I feel like I can absolutely handle negative emotion. Like of course! It’s just a vibration!

But when I get into a situation with discomfort (via sadness, boredom, anxiety, exhaustion), I convince myself that I’d rather have the pleasure of food now even if it’ll cause worse discomfort later. No matter how much I feel capable of handling discomfort outside of those situations, once I’m in them, I’ve been dwelling in deep avoidance of it.

Are there any ways I can practice experiencing discomfort in smaller ways to build up that muscle? I’ve been taking cold showers which I think are really good to help me think through discomfort. Do you have any more suggestions?