How to make progress on a really big topic?

I would like advice on what to do when there is a really big topic to address. I have a situation that I’ve been avoiding really digging into doing the work on because it seems so big. There are so many thoughts and feelings about it that I know aren’t serving me, it feels like hundreds, so I wonder how I am going to be able to tackle this topic. When I do a thought download, I can write for 5-10+ pages and still it doesn’t feel like I’ve emptied my mind of all of the thoughts on the subject. I know that I have layers and layers and layers of models going on, and some of them (many of them) contradict one another. How do you suggest going about working through something complex like this? I am working on allowing all emotions, so I am staying present with the fact that I have lots of models that don’t feel good on this topic and I’m not in a hurry to ‘fix’ or ‘change’ anything but I do want to chip away at it so that I can make some progress. I have constrained my focus so I am not working on any other topics, subjects or courses until I really examine this one, and I’m practicing the thought, ‘I can work on this subject one thought or feeling at a time, I don’t need to do it all at once, one bit of work will be useful’. What do you think?