How to manage 17 yr old’s school refusal

Hey Brooke,
I need help to get really “clean” in my thinking about my 17 year old daughter. She’s suffered from severe anxiety for several years which has impeded her ability to attend school. Most of her anxiety now is due to a chronic acne problem that we’ve not been able to solve despite many different interventions. She is a senior this year and is going to try online school. However, she’s already finding excuses about why she can’t finish the pre-work and complaining about the look of the website.

I know from years of this that getting angry and obsessing about her future accomplishes nothing. She is extremely sensitive to being pressured and revolts. I get stuck because I think as her Mom I’m supposed to make sure that she graduates from h.s., but in reality only she will determine that. She is my greatest teacher and the one person I do the majority of my self-coaching around. Looking forward to your perspective as a Mom of teenagers.

Thanks! Stevie