How to manage emotions in a complicated love situation?


I need some tools or guidance to deal with a relationship situation.

I am deeply in love with someone who is deeply in love with me but he has many fears and obstacles
that keep him living in the past.

We have no contacted each other for nearly 6 months and it would seem like I should move on but I have
a strong feeling that this is something that takes time and personal growth and that he is working on himself
to get ready for me.

So, I don’t feel like I have put my life on hold… I very much love my life, my work is fulfilling and I dance. I have even dated other men during this time.
But my heart is still with him everyday and feels like we communicate energetically a lot and I keep hoping for things to change. I feel his presence in my life still but also that he is battling with a lot of stuff. Its hard to just let this go when theres love.

I would love some guidance on how to manage this.. I want to feel more free but I also don’t feel I should walk away completely.
I realise this may or may not turn into a life long love and I want to be open. But I have never felt anything even remotely close to anyone else even
in my 47years of life so its not a simple, move on situation like past relationships have been for me. I feel there is a great lesson here for me also.

This love is very present so I feel I should do something to feel better. I still feel deep heartbreak over not being together sometimes.

So… I have not put my life on hold in physical sense but I don’t know how to emotionally surrender and let go of the waiting.

Is waiting ever okay and how to do it in a constructive way instead or just holding onto someone..

Thank you!