How to manage my food binging


For a few evenings, I have those food binging without being able to identify the thoughts which created those actions. I have managed these last years to keep it under control but these times, it’s almost impossible to get through them.

I have successfully lost 14 kilos but since I have reached my former weight (before my pregnancies), it seems to be almost impossible to follow through. My feelings are mixed feelings but when I tried to understand what is going in my head, nothing comes, just the unshaken feeling (overwhelmed, anxiety).

I tried since Monday to practice the Monday Hour One, but today I wasn’t about to accomplish everything I had planned. I wanted to do it in the evening but instead I watch Netflix and after that, I went to binging. Maybe not being able to fulfill my commitments made me binge or more specifically this very thought get me there. I’m tried to keep it in my body and not giving into bulimia because I know it’s healthy.

Do you have any help of material I can get through to sort it out? I’m stuck and I hate that.
I’m French so sorry for my imperfect English.

Thank you.
Have a good day.