How to motivate myself if I’m not beating myself up?

Hi coaches! I had my 1:1 coaching session today and it was amazing. She gave me a lot to work on in terms of how to love myself right now and that all of the feelings I want to feel (attractive, confident, strong, powerful) are available to me right now if I choose the thoughts that create those feelings.

One thing that I’m still stumped by is how to create the action of sticking to a protocol in order to lose 20-25 pounds. I keep trying different plans to do it and I keep rebelling against myself. In my thought download the other day, I clearly identified that I have two brains – my rational brain (you call it the pre-frontal) that wants to follow a protocol and get to my goal weight and then another brain that is totally motivated by the pleasure of eating whatever I want and yet is the same brain that tells me I’m fat and can’t stick to anything..which I prove to be true again and again and I’m finding it so painful.

This coach asked me why I needed to lose weight. My answers seemed to all be things I can control now: to stop beating myself up for NOT losing it (she said I can do that right now and it’s not like it’s actually working anyway), to feel pretty, confident (thoughts can make this happen).

I am having a hard time coming up with a reason to lose the weight that doesn’t involve things being “better” somewhere else. I’ve also already identified that the idea that my brain will be nicer to me in 20 pounds isn’t actually true. I really WANT to motivate myself in a positive, loving way, but I’m struggling to figure out how. This goal is important to me because I keep trying to get to it (have for years in fact) yet it remains elusive and I know I’m missing something here. Please help. Thank you!