How to move forward?

So many changes in my life for almost 2 years now. I had a business divorce in a job I was in for 17 years and felt betrayed in Jan 2017, learned my Sister was taking advantage of me knowing I was already going through stuff, but she didn’t care. I also learned my husband cheated on me. I have been in so much pain and frustration….I’m sure also victimizing and self-pitty for myself. I’m having a hard time getting back on track and trusting myself and others. When I look at all my relationships I see and feel that nobody has my back and that nobody is truthful…I guess I’m the only one responsible for having my back, but it still hurts. My circle is very small. I doubt my husband everyday although I do see he tries. I’m in a constant pain from recent and past situations. I want to stop this and move forward. I’m not sure how to start because it is so much. How do I peel back this onion of deception and pain?