How to not let the negative energy of others affect you

Hi Brooke,

I’d like to ask a question. My husband has a big corporate job that he really doesn’t like. He drags himself to work grumpy, and comes home grumpy and usually takes his frustration out on me with snappy comments or negative remarks when he comes home. I know that I’m responsible for my own feelings, and no one can make me feel anything, however I’m not sure how to create an uplifting and positive space when he’s always upset. I find it difficult to create my content and go to work on my own goals because there always seems to be tension in the air. I’ve tried to talk to him, help him find the positive, remember all the things we have to be grateful for, but he’s not interested.
I’d like to believe this is just all due to his job, but after getting back from a 10 day family vacation where he was upset the entire time as well, I’m not sure how to help him. I know the only person I can change is myself, but how do I not let his bad attitude affect me?
I’ve got big goals for myself and I find his attitude is making it difficult for me to stay positive myself and keep up my momentum and energy.
Thanks so much for all your insights!