How to overcome inertia?

I work a job that involves travel throughout the US and Mexico. I teach customers how to use CT scanners. Sometimes my travel starts on Sunday or Monday and ends Friday, but sometimes Saturday. When I come home, usually exhausted, I do not want to do a thing. I feel that since I worked so hard, often in a different time zone that I don’t want to do things that need to be done.

Instead I read books, sometimes 3 in a day. It keeps my mind off of what needs to be done i.e. housework, laundry, working out etc. I don’t want to socialize either. So Sunday night I am scrambling to do laundry and get ready for my next trip. The weeks just fly by and I feel like my life is living me and I am not living my life. I just can’t seem to make myself do what I need to be doing. Sometimes when I start I can get on a roll, and accomplish a lot but I have trouble starting – and a book is so much more inviting. Any thoughts or suggestions?