How to overcome my fear of spending money

Hi Brooke,

I’m new here but not to your work (I have benefitted soooo deeply by your work – thank you so much). I’m 30 years old and have long had a fear of spending money. I’ve saved a lot over the years and am in the time of my life where there are a lot of big expenses ahead (houses, kids, cars, etc.) but I really want to become a life coach, most of all by studying under you. The cost is significant, and I am absolutely terrified to spend the money in case I become a life coach and don’t succeed. I’m afraid to lose it all, be farther behind, and be even more terrified and ashamed (which I know is a choice). I’m afraid to lose it all, and there’s no guarantee that it will be ok. How do I overcome this and find the courage to invest in myself?