How to pick one thing to work on they feel equally important amd time sensitive

Hi Brooke

So I have three things(more) that I really want to work on for this month. They all feel like they need to be handled now.
1 the one that feels the most fun is to lose weight I’m listening to all of your audios on weight loss and this is where I enjoy spending my time I care about losing weight very much I’ve struggled with it for most of my life and despite my six days a week working out and measuring my food I never seem to hit the Magic spot for weight loss I felt like this time it could be different so I’m excited about that however

2 I have an offer on the table to sell my yoga studio which I have run for 23 years now/ the offer is low as is my passion for running it anymore. If I sell I don’t know what I will do instead. Im a trained as coach (martha beck) health coach iin Im very good at leading groups in yoga tt. Im not really making much money anywhere.
I want to make money, I want and need a change, I feel like Im spinning my wheels in the mud going nowhere.
Do I sell with no other job lined up but I stop losing money running the studio and give the headaches away along with my 23 year old baby. The papers are on attorneys desk, tommorow I probably need to kill the deal or go forward. Ive been trying to make peace with this Decision for years. Tomorrow I probably need to just choose.

3 my son has special needs this takes so much time (he feels like number one priority)

4 If I had the luxury I just want to clean and organize my basement so I could move (newly divorced, and baby daddy giving almost no support.) Im in a big house with all married people living near me. Not appropriate anymore

Ohh and then theres the love life which I feel like for practical purposes need to be on the wayyyyyy back burner but is super important to me as well.

Thanks for you guidance
Spinning lol

Ps this indecision and my thoughts about it have me feel a lot of anxiety I don’t feel excited to work anymore and don’t see any future of something I want to do instead. That scares me, I’ve always been very passionate about life and my work and I can’t see to find any of that now.