How to pick what course to focus on?

I am new to scholars and am getting a bit overwhelmed.

I’ve done a goal download on things I would like to achieve, as well as subjects I would like to focus on.

In terms of goals, I’ve managed to prioritize a goal I want to focus on. Even though the others seem equally important and urgent.
–> Finish the remodel of my apartment and rent it in order to make a passive income out of it.

Now on the resources. I want to listen to everything and am not sure what I should pick as I feel like everything is new to me!
I want to learn :
– Time management
– How to achieve a goal
– How to change a belief
– How to change my beliefs on money
– How to improve my current couple relationship

I feel like to pursue goals I need to learn about all these things, but I can’t do it all at once and they all seem super important and urgent to learn.
It’s like if I pick one thing, but then an issue comes up in my relationship so I want to learn about that. Then, I get frustrated because I don’t know how to schedule so I learn about time. Then I hear something on the podcast on how to set a goal and follow through so I feel like I should focus on this course.

Feeling a little lost and overwhelmed. Help please. 🙂