How to plan for exceptions for the food protocol

Hi there. I am weight coach. I get a lot of questions about how to plan for exceptions. And there are different scenarios: like planned exceptions – like a once per week joy eat. But then I get questions about how to deal with bigger changes in schedule – like going out to eat, or going to a wedding, or vacation, etc. I know how I deal with these scenarios – and realistically I don’t always pre-plan every single thing I eat when I am in these scenarios. That said – I feel like I’ve really developed the skill of making the best decisions for myself. As I am typing this – I am trying to figure out exactly what the problem is. I guess this is the problem or question that I have: I haven’t heard Brooke explicitly say that in certain scenarios it is ok to not write everything down that you will eat in advance. I have watched the modules on “how to lose weight on vacation” etc, and Brooke seems to talk more about focusing on other activities besides food, etc. Which is really great, but it doesn’t change the fact that you will still be eating and may not now the options available at the restaurant for example. (I am always a big advocate of staying at a place with a kitchen and grocery shopping etc, but there is an increased chance of eating at restaurants while traveling, etc).
I hope this is all making sense. Help!