How to practice new thoughts

Hello! I keep getting a bit overwhelmed and over thinking whether I’m ‘doing it right’ (perfectionist fantasy) – and I was wondering if someone could help?

What is a good strategy for practicing the new thoughts I want to believe? I have thoughts about 2 different areas of my life which I’d like to currently work on – friendships and my life coaching certificate.

I’ve got a list of between 5 and 10 thoughts for each. If I practice one lot in the morning and one at night, and then do models throughout the day when spontaneous situations occur – is that a ‘good’ way to do it?

I stopped practicing my thoughts about friendships and then the same worry came back up – and I told myself that the new thoughts hadn’t worked… when really I’d only given them a week of practice! lol

Thanks for your help and any advice for an over-analyzing perfectionist would be great! 🙂