How to process my emotions. Feeling lost and confused as a result of obsessing over someone. He had moved on with his life . I ran accidentally onto him in a mall. He was totally neutral . I want to accept that I am not in his life yet I feel kind of hurt.

I had a crush over someone. It was long time ago over 20 years . It was not really a full relationship but we had few interactions and we clicked and felt deep connection. It didn’t work however .

I still think of him a lot . I was not able to maintain a fulfilling relationship all this time . I never felt the way I feel for him with anyone . I accept that he is now married and have children. I am not willing to interfere in his life or disturb it in anyway . I truly wish him all the best life could give . He really deserves the best life could offer . He is a great guy inside and out . I only want to come to terms with the way I feel .

Sometimes I feel sad and rejected because I could not get him . I miss him often . I would be happy if he could be in my life again just as a friend really I am not into infidelity or anything but I genuinely would like to have him around . I feel frustrated ,sad ,lonely and confused when I think about my situation. I often cry, sometimes I calm myself and try to accept. Yet at times I succumb to my bombarding thoughts and feelings.