How to redirect the model When the R line is about someone else

C- single mom, has 2 kids, no financial support from children’s father, works full time, is remodelling the house they live in, 13 year old son just diagnosed with ADHD, grandmother has temporarily moved in to help and support, grandmother has heart problems, grandmother is worried about her daughter and grandkids and has expressed the worry, grandmother worries so much she can’t get enough sleep at night
T-I don’t want my mother to worry about me seeing me struggle
F- devastated
A- pull on a super hero mask
Pretend she can handle everything smoothly
Not able to smile much
Not engage with her kids
Not enjoy her free time
Blame myself
Not present
R- my mother is still worried about me and my children

In this model, the worry thought and the R line are both about someone else. Is there something wrong with his model?