How to release thought "losing weight is bad" from being in the body positive community

Hi Brooke,

First, I have to say how much I love your podcast/book/work. I feel like one of your groupies. =) It resonates with me so much and has been a huge help in many ways.

A little background on my question: I struggled for over 20 years with disordered eating. I was all over the spectrum from restricting to bingeing to purging with exercise. I had a daughter three years ago and decided I wanted to be the best role model for her and never wanted her to pick up on my disordered habits. I knew I had to change and I sought out help/therapy. I have since became an Intuitive Eating counselor and Am I Hungry Mindful Eating Facilitator. I love both of these programs so much and they have helped me develop a much healthier relationship with food. I no longer binge or severely restrict. However, one thing I have struggled with is just “accepting my body at the weight it is.” I believe being overweight is still a way of harming/punishing my body. I joined this program because I want to prove that you can still lose weight/weigh what you want without obsessing over food or exercise or severe restriction. I believe it is possible and that is what I want to prove and help other women eventually. I feel though that from being in the more body positive community over the past three years that I have made it “bad to lose weight” in my head, which causes me to self sabotage at times. I have started unfollowing people in the BP community because I don’t feel I align with their message anymore. In my opinion, I think dieting is on the far left side and BP is on the far right. I want to be in the middle because I don’t believe either are right. I am needing help with changing the thought losing weight is bad and that I can only do it while restricting, which is bad. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you,