how to reprogram a procrastinated spot in Monday Hour One

This week was my first week of Monday Hour One. At the time of Friday Hour Done I analyse the results :

The +:

• Overall, I stick to my schedule pretty well
• I saw a significant increase in my punctuality
• I was more efficient, more focused
• Overall I procrastinated less: it helped me complete some tasks that I will certainly have procrastinated about before following this program

The -:
• I allowed myself a few comfort adjustments…
• However, I missed one of my big focus times of the week.
Was it because I finally found it postponable, or too big, or painful …

C I did something other than follow my calendar during my focus time dedicated to my main activity
T I’ll do that later, it’s not so urgent, anyway my activity is at a standstill at the moment, it’s too hard, I’m still going to struggle, anyway I couldn’t finish the bet in page in in design because I do not master the software, I will wait for Flore …
F inability, demotivation
A procrastination / buffering / I did something else
R I did not make my pregnant woman brochure

For next week I was wondering how to reschedule this important task, which I think could fit into a 2 hour focus time but as it seems to scare me I was wondering if it wasn’t safer to split it up in smaller pieces to be sure to go to the end?