How to respond to clients who say "Easy for you to say"

When I’m offering support to clients or friends, they sometimes reply “well that’s easy for you to say” and they immediately point to a circumstance in my life that (in their mind) makes it easier for me to deal/cope. I notice it tends to throw me off my game a bit so I’d like to tighten up my response to that.

Let me give you an example of what a client would say if they saw Brooke coaching: “Well it’s easy for her to sit there in her big house with all the money and resources to take care of her family. She won’t be as affected as me, who is already in debt and struggling to pay bills, blah blah blah.”

I see where they are coming from. I can buy into that too if I let myself. But I also see that as victim mentality. I’m having a hard time coaching them through it and I feel I’m not as effective as I can be. Any tips would be great. Thank you 🙂