How to Schedule When Nothing is Consistent

I work legal temp jobs as an attorney. The start time ranges from 7-10am. My finish time can range from 6-10pm. Some temporary positons require that I work a minimum of 8 hours a day, and sometimes up to 10. Some times there is weekend work. When there is extra hours to work I will try and work them, becuase work is so inconsistent and I have experienced unemployment for up to 6 weeks, which decistates my financials. This keeps me digging myself out of a hole.

I am always trying to make a schedule for myself to follow. Some routine for self-care, my business, and time to relax. But it is really hard for me to be consistent. There was a time that I just said I would only work 8 hours, regardless of what was offered or required. But, I no longer have savings or a cushion to do that.
I want to be consistent with my efforts on my business and my wellbeing. What piece am I missing to do this? Really I cant even plan a for the week, becuase these temp jobs will end so abruptly. I was just on one that was supposed to for 5 weeks and stopped after 6 days. This project I was working 12 hours a day. Now I am looking for another job, but have the full day to work on everything else. Its, nice but there seems to always be a scarcity, time, money or both.

For the past 3 months I have been struggling with being consistent. What is the change in my mindset that needs to happen? I feel defeated when I have to work long hours, hopeful when I dont. Around and around I go.

Also any tips on being consistent and implementing a schedule are appreciated. I know I need sleep and try not to sacrifice that, but oher things dont get done. I want to create a business on my terms to help alleviate the tug of war working of working for others.

Thank you!