How to self coach

How do I know at what step am I in my self coaching process?
For example, I do thought downloads and then I also create an unintentional model around it.
Then I try to feel the feelings.

When do I start creating new thoughts or believe something differently about a circumstance?
Basically when do I start creating an intentional model and practicing it?

Does those old unintentional thoughts go away? Do I still create an intentional model even when the old thoughts still make me feel a certain way? For example, I feel so scared, worried and frustrated about my business.

Those thoughts are: I don’t know if I can make the money.
Nothing seems to be working out.
Why doesn’t it work for me.
This wont create a big difference anyway.
I gotta make money fast.

And that creates a lot of worry and fear for me. And I don’t often do the work nicely when I am from that state.