How to set goals when you’re not sure what you want

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a hard time with setting goals and thinking about my future. I struggle to see further than a year ahead – to be honest, this can feel like a stretch at times – and consequently, I am conscious that I’m living life without a big vision. This bothers me, especially as I’m conscious that others don’t seem to struggle with this challenge, and seem better able to commit to a future vision and take action towards achieving it. Perhaps this is really an issue of self-trust? But be that as it may, what tips could you offer to help me get clearer on my big vision/purpose? To be clear, this isn’t an issue about getting stuff done. I feel (though I’m happy to be challenged) that I’m good at breaking things down and chunking things out, but when I’m not sure what I’m working towards/don’t feel passionately about what I’m working towards, I’m left uninspired and asking myself “what’s the point?” Hope this makes sense!