How to show constraint in a model

I was recently given advice to constrain my models to make the message about what I am creating even more clear. I have never thought of having constraint in my models except in the first lines. Be specific on the C. Use a phrase for the T. One word emotion.

So to answer my questions ahead of time, I am assuming that I could ask myself better questions about my action line that would really show me what I am creating.

Here is one model I had submitted for review.

C: 55 hours of time slotted to work
T: I might not be able to manage my time well
F: worried
A: identify as a victim to the choices, doubt self, not put it into a schedule to see what it will look like on any given week, dream about the possibilities but not define the actions needed, not time blocking, keep putting more items on my plate, not defining goal clear enough, ruminate about what I am doing but not saying no to anything, not verbally declining other things I have decided I don’t want to do.
R: I am not using what I know about time management to say yes or no to the workload.

Questions I could ask myself about the A line (because I assume that’s where I need more constraint)
1. How do I schedule when I am worried?
2. What doesn’t work about scheduling when worried?
3. What’s going on in my head about the circumstance when worried?
4. Do these actions come from the C, T, F combination?

Are these appropriate questions to ask to fill out the action line and do you have any other suggestions to help me practice constraint?