How to solve for my feelings

I was reading through someone else’s ask a coach question and answer and I have a question about how I can solve for my feelings if I’m not changing my circumstances. Is it that I should be working towards changing my reactions?

C: A group of women disapproves of me
F: dread, panic
T: They don’t like me, there is nothing I can do
A: Avoid them
R: For days after an encounter, even just seeing one of these women who dislike me, I feel bad about being me, I wish I was different. I hate myself, and I lose sleep.

So, to try to solve my feeling that I’m not liked, that I don’t belong and I’m not good enough, I just need to put myself in more situations of being around these women and feel myself feeling bad, let the feeling be without trying to escape it. I will never be their friend but I guess what I’m asking is that is this how I stop feeling bad?? I need some help