How to start

Hi Brooke
I am so excited about doing this work because I know it’s what I need moreso than what I want. However, I have to admit I am coming from a good 5 years of working on myself. And getting out of this phase of depression and probably feel the best I ever felt about myself and it’s just a recent feeling. This feeling is very new for me which is why I chose this program to continue on this path of evolving myself and spiritual freedom. I am still dealing with the possibility of losing my job, a breakup that almost resulted in a nervous breakdown. All because I could not get out of my head my heart and the constant tears. I feel a lot shame for being 46 and not having a family of my own or husband, my clock is ticking I still want a child and I feel very alone.

So I share all of this with you because I received my box yesterday and all the material needed to get on even ground but when i look at everything it feels overwhelming for me. I have a very stressful job where I put 10 plus hours a day while looking for a more rewarding opportunity. I took the day off yesterday just to get going and all I could do is watch the videos and now I am heading to a korean spa to get relax and try to start the feel better work.

My question is how do I get over this feeling of overwhelm and whats the best way for me to get started given that I am not a big reader? I will do the work just need some direction to get over this feeling of this is a lot?