How to stop being in my favorite feeling of “anticipation”

I’ve been doing some self coaching and I noticed that I have a pattern of putting off not the enjoyable things.

For example, I have received a box of fabric today, (I’m a quilter) and I’m putting off opening the box. Most quilters I know would have ripped the box open immediately, eager to see what’s inside.

This shows up in all areas of my life. I’ll put off eating the perfect strawberries in the summer, not read the new book, not start the new jigsaw, not make the new cake recipe I found. Even though I’m looking forward to doing these things.

It’s as if I’m valuing the “joy of having the plan” more than “actually doing the thing and being in that enjoyment”.

I’m a big planner and always like to have things to pleasantly anticipate.

On the flip side, sometimes I put things off because they might not work, and I’m worried what I’ll make that mean. (then off course I leave it so late that it doesn’t actually work anyway – a classic model thought and result). I can understand this, but putting off the pleasant things doesn’t make as much sense.

This is likely slowing down my progress in my personal life and business.

C box of fabric
T “I’m looking forward to opening it”
F anticipation
A think about what’s in it, think about my plan to open it, feel the enjoyment of this plan, don’t have to face the possible disappointment or failure, or cope with what I make that mean, I get to stay in one of my favourite feelings, anticipation.
R I get to keep looking forward to opening it.

Is there a podcast that I can review on this? I’d love some guidance.

For this self coaching, I don’t want to jump straight to a new model before fully understanding this desire to stay in pleasant anticipation.

I still want to enjoy anticipation, but be able to take action faster, and not leave things so late that it disappears.