How to stop flipping the model, Part II

Further to my question of earlier today, I did more work on my UM and came up with this so that I’m thinking that I can flip the model and make A’s drive F’s:

T: Doing certain tasks within a certain timeframe will make me feel good.
F: motivated
A: I make a plan for the week or the day
I pump myself up to get the things done
I get super focused and try to work fast
R: either (1) or (2), see below

(1) When the days does go according to my plan, I feel good.
T: I did a good job today
F: elated

(2) When the day doesn’t go according to plan, I feel bad
T: I didn’t do a good job today
F: deflated

I really like the coach’s suggestion for my next steps:
Work on creating thoughts about the model working exactly how it does.“My thoughts are creating my feelings.”“If I want to feel different, I will think differently”“My actions are always driven by my feelings.”

But how do I do this work while also doing MHO? I find myself using MHO to reinforce my Thought/Belief that “Doing certain tasks within a certain timeframe will make me feel good.” After a day of sticking to my MHO plan, I feel good. When I don’t, I feel bad. But that’s actions driving feelings again, which is not the model. So it’s my thinking about MHO that makes me feel bad, not MHO?

This is utterly fascinating work and I’m excited to learn it! Thanks for your help.