how to stop lying to myself and mentor?

I’m a realtor. My mentor is successful. She sometimes is too busy to show her own clients the properties they’re interested in and or need to revisit after getting under contract on them. She’s also pregnant and nearing her due date. Sometimes she doesn’t feel well. Sometimes she’s busy with other clients. Sometimes she is just busy with family/friend obligations. She will ask me to help. As she is my mentor, over the past 7 months of being a newer realtor she has been my go to for any concerns/questions. She helps me a lot. She gets paid from my brokerage for helping me. I still feel like I owe her my time. Also before I was making my own sales I really depended on doing showings for her so I can pay my bills. What if she thinks I think I’m too good to help her now. I just know helping her isn’t increasing my pipeline. 2 hours with her clients is 2 hours I’m not prospecting for my own clients. Every time she asks me to help I say yes. I believe I should say yes. I know I don’t have to but I think I should. I’ve self coached myself on this but would love a second opinion. I know this is people pleasing and I’m lying. I enjoy her as a human and I know if I’m honest with her we can have a better relationship. I also want to be honest with myself so I can say yes or no with pride and not feel like crap when I say yes to something I really don’t want to do.

Unintentional Model
C- mentor asked me if I can do a final walkthrough for her on Thursday at 4pm
T- I should say yes
F- Resentment
A- avoid responding to her text, lie when she asks if I saw her text, lie to myself, judge her and her business, convince myself on why I should say yes, guilt trip myself into saying yes, I don’t honor what I want
R- I say yes to do the thing I know I don’t want to do

Intentional Model
C- Teammate asks me to do a showing/walkthrough
T- I’m going to do what I want to do
F- Empowered
A- Answer truthfully
R- Being honest to myself and teammate