How to stop overeating… Protocol

I have a lot of the issues that Brooke talks about in the overeating workshop. Although I hate food. I am super picky.. eat like a toddler. I am allergic to some many foods. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, wheat..etc. So for me I feel like “safe” foods are ones that aren’t good for me… like plain noodles etc. I have gotten better about trying new foods. but I have a mental block and am afraid to try new things in case they make me itch.. have an allergic reaction. I am super worried about what to eat on my protocol since food is hard for me.. or seems like a challenge. Although I have found I can eat spinach lettuce without a reaction most of the time, but all other lettuce cause the allergy response. I also wanted to ask about meal replacement shakes. I started using them recently because I feel like part of my problem is I am not getting the nutrients that I need. Is this an ok thing to add to my protocol?