How to Stop Overplaying Video Games

My buffering of choice is playing a specific video game on my laptop. Unlike eating and drinking there is no natural stopping point. I am never full. I can play forever.

C: At home on the weekend.
T: There is nothing fun to do. There is nothing urgent I need to do.
F: Boredom.
A: Start DiceWars.
R: Hours pass.

While I sometimes use the game to buffer against unpleasant emotions, many times there is no negative emotion at play. I want to play because it is fun. It is stimulating. Maybe the emotion is boredom. Playing the game eventually leads to deadlines becoming more urgent leading to overwhelm.

What is a good thought model to wean myself away from playing the game. Is it possible for me to feel no attraction towards it and in fact to feel a revulsion for it? I would love to be able to feel nothing for it and to derive no enjoyment from it.