How to stop Panic Attacks while working

Hi! So lately (although not new) I have been experiencing some short but very painful panic attacks during work.
I work from home on research, so this happens while I’m alone or with my husband or parents.

Cs: Normally, just working on research reports with a fixed dateline

It’s worth noting that some of the stuff is brand new to me, and I’m working on several projects at the same time.

The thoughts start very common and familiar level like
– I don’t have enough time
– I don’t know how
– I don’t understand
– I have so much to do
– I’m not going to make it

However, they have been escalating very quickly to very painful thoughts like:

– I thought I could but I now see that I won’t
– I cannot believe this is happening to me again
– I should already be better or know what to do
– I thought I was good
– I have nothing
– This doesn’t make any sense

The feelings are:

Deep sadness

Start crying sometimes to the point of losing my breath, sometimes it’s less intense.
Sometimes I start explaining how wrong I am to the people that are trying to help me out while I’m crying, like listing all the reasons why everything is wrong, kind of yelling at myself.
I have hit myself sometimes, not very hard but like banging my head.

How can I address the panic attacks, I need some help on where to start.