How to take action when you are anxious

Hi Coaches,

I have been struggling with general anxiety for quite some time and I get panicky and anxious for small things esp related to health. I tend to think the worst possible and sometimes it goes to extent of full blown anxiety. I understand in such situations I need to observe the sensations and be with the feeling but during such times I find it very difficult to focus on my work. Since my brain goes back to anxious ‘what if’ thoughts again and again. Now that we are working on purpose this month my brain gives me thoughts like you have bigger problem to handle…first handle your anxiety and then you can work on your goals. End of the day I feel disappointed that I did not handle anxiety and also didn’t take action on my work. Many a times I feel I give anxiety as reason for not taking action but still I’m not able to make progress in this area. I’m new to SCS and would like some guidance in handling such situations.