How to tell yourself a story about your past that you actually believe

Hi there,

I’m working on this months homework. And while I’m doing great on the daily models about the day before, I’m not as successfull when it comes to changing one major event from the past that you want to rewrite.

It’s hard to me to find good things in this events, but even if I find some, like “I’ve learnt how to move on”, “I gained knowledge about…” etc., all these reasons don’t seem to be good enough justify whats happened. I can make up a “nice story” around that past event, but it doesn’t really change my feeling about my past and I’m not able to say: The past is perfect as it was. Instead I still think, while telling myself the new good story: Well yeah, but I wouldn’t miss it if it didn’t happened…

I understand it’s important to see the good side in those past events, but they don’t feel strong enough to me.

How do I find a story that is really good about my past? And how do I actually change the thinking about my past to get a feeling of: It’s all perfect the way it was? (My brain is screaming right now: No, it wasn’t!)