how to think about my clients

I’m speechless at your wisdom, Brooke. So I’m gonna keep asking you stuff!

I am a consultant. I’m paid to bring expertise to my clients. I LOVE what I do and I’m good at it. I over-deliver consistently and aim to astonish my clients with the quality and depth of my work. Most of my clients have stayed with me for years and keep renewing their contracts. HOWEVER, I continue to have this underlying thought about being ‘good enough.’ I doubt my professional judgment. I work and study in the academic realm, so it’s all about not feeling good enough – that’s the belief system. Does the client’s opinion matter? I feel it doesn’t – is that right? Wondering if you could help me with an intentional thought for the models below.

Unintentional model
c – client opinion
t – determines my worth
f – desperate
a – create work from a submissive and scare place
r – work driven by client opinion or approval

Intentional model
c- client opinion
f – independent, confidence, INSPIRED
a – create work from a place of inspiration and abundance
r – create inspired work

thank you, Brooke!